About Us

Distribution Ready is a professional training facility set up to assist individuals interested in work within the warehouse/distribution sector.

Warehousing has seen a trend in recent times, with the demand for individuals who have a knowledge and proficiency in standard warehousing processes increasing. It is recognised that most companies have differing customers, processes, and software.

It is not our intention to replicate all of these, but to acknowledge that there are logical functions and steps that are core to all operations.

Distribution Ready’s mission is to train candidates to a practical and theoretical working level of ability so that they can slot into a warehouse or distribution environment and become effective employees whether permanent or temporary from day one.


Who Are We Targeting?

Distribution Ready takes people with similar initiative drive and enthusiasm and equips them with knowledge and a clear understanding of what their roles and responsibilities are. We arm them with practical experience that gives value to whoever employs them.

A primary source of candidates are school leavers who are looking for a career path. There is an expected bench mark of entry to be considered and this is both quantitative and qualitative. Our expectation is that we take individuals and produce a mould which the industry accepts as a competent standard.

Our courses are not just for school leavers; it is open to individuals that require a career change, are currently unemployed or whom are just looking to enhance their skills.

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